So here’s what you need to know about me...

If I could feed myself diet coke through a constant IV drip I would. If I had to chose between my children and chips and queso I would seriously have to pray before arriving at my decision. I am married to an amazing man who is different from me in so many good ways and the same as me in so many good ways; (cough) politics and spirituality, thank God. I have five children, six and under. Three of our five children are triplets. I was a hair stylist before the triplets were born. When I realized how much I would be paying in childcare, I quit. I love America and everything related to Politics. I love History and especially the correlation between it and the Bible.  I believe in the Holy Spirit and all the non-weird ways He expresses Himself. I think people have seen a bad portrayal of who the “church” really is.

It is my goal, through this blog, to be open and honest about things I am learning in my own life. I want to write about insight I have gotten in hopes it can help someone else as well, and possibly give you a good laugh. I want to use my some times sarcastic and some times contemplative perspective to question areas that need some questioning, expand my knowledge of God and who He is, and probably provide laughter and encouragement while giving you a glimpse into my crazy life.

Welcome aboard the crazy train!