Free and Brave

Who would have thought that out of 5 kids my 1 boy would be the most opinionated about his wardrobe?! He is in a phase right now where he always wants to wear a button down shirt. It does not matter if we are going to the park or to church he is wearing a button down shirt. I have tried everything to convince him that t-shirts are better for the park but he does not listen. Our way of finding a compromise is, wearing his button down as a "jacket." That way he can take it off while he plays but when we leave the park he can look like a proper gentleman once again.

"Am I free tonight? I'm free every night, this is America!" is from Zulily

 "jacket" is from gap kids

It is difficult to dress my kids as cute as I would like to because we have a tight budget that has to clothe five children. Fortunately, my sister in law has twin girls that are two years older than my girls so we get a lot of well-kept, fashion-mama approved ensembles. Henry however, has no one passing clothes down to him. He is also hard to dress because he is tall but extremely skinny. Even if I buy pants with the adjustable waist they look weird all scrunched up on him! I have fallen in love with Zara's super skinny pants! They are awesome and perfect for my super skinny boy! They do have an adjustable waist band. Put it all together and you have the cutest denim on denim set! You also have a beautiful compromise! Dapper, yet ready for the park.