Sporty Spice

Sporty Spice

These joggers are the most comfortable pants! I could seriously live in these all the time but the fact that they have pockets is a drop the mic moment! I'm obsessed! Everyone needs a pair. Get them HERE

I love these shoes so much! Any time I have a semi casual outfit but I don't know what shoes to pair it with, I throw these on! I ordered mine on amazon HERE

I love this long bomber jacket. The fact that it's satin makes it that much better! You should get one too! HERE

My go to tank that I wear under everything is this one. I love it because it is long. 

I love love love my apple watch but not for the reasons I bought it. I bought it to help track my fitness and how many calories I was burning during my workout, and I think it's terrible at that. However, I do love that I can get texts or phone calls any time even if my phone is in the other room. A lot of times my kids play with my phone so it's nice to not miss texts when they have my phone. Also if I can't find my phone I can ping it from my watch which is so nice. When your phone is in you purse it's convenient to be able to glance at your watch to see if it's worth your time to dig for it.