Emcee Wardrobe

Emcee Wardrobe

I was honored to be able to emcee our women's conference for the 4th year in a row! I always have so much fun being involved. It's fun for me to do something different then my day to day life and to get to be around so many amazing people. I always go in with his hopes high that the conference will be great but each time I'm blown away as it far exceeds my expectations. This year I especially loved all the different creative elements that were added. We had a speed painter that opened up the conference and that was incredible. We also had a guy who painted in sand which was my favorite I was mesmerized by his talent! The second day opener was so moving. It had people talking about the things that they struggle with and ended with them declaring that they are free from those things! It was so good! It also incorporated a video and powerful dance. Those were the creative parts but the speakers were just as amazing. I'm grateful to be asked back each year and I love it!

Now, here are my wardrobe details and a few pictures from the conference.

I had seen this dress several times on social media as an ad. My cousin sent it to me and said, "This dress looks like you. You should get it." So I did! It was cheap. When I received it in the mail it looked different from the ad. In the ad the dress looked like it was linen but when I got it in the mail it was more of a satin type material. However, I loved it any way. 

Dress: Yellow-Peppers // Necklace: Nordstrom Rack // Shoes: Target


 This is part of the amazing crew of people that I got to spend my weekend with! It was such a wonderful conference and I'm grateful for the people I get to walk through life with, even the ones not pictured. 

So, confession time. I am a bit of a control freak. Especially when it comes to my hair and make up. Since I was in high school I would usually go to get my hair and make up done for prom or something and I would come home and completely redo it. I have always loved doing hair and make up (DUH I made it my profession) and I have rarely, if ever, liked the way someone else does it. So, 4 years ago when Heather Spivey did my make up at Pink Impact I was a tad nervous. She had done make up on other people and I liked it, but given my history I had very low expectations. Well I was blown away. Not only did I not want to redo it I loved it! I looked forward to her doing my make up again. And now, when I need my make up done for any special event I don't have to wonder who to call. I do worry if she's available though! :) Thank you Heather for making me feel beautiful and for being so talented and creative!!! 

Played a little "get to know you" game with my doppleganger (and friend) and her momma! Thanks Kari and Sandy!!! 


My second day outfit was super hero inspired! I wore a jumpsuit, with a belt, and a cape/jacket.

Cape: Nordstrom (similar styler here) // jumpsuit: Nordstrom // belt: Anthropologie (similar style here) // Shoes: Target (link above) 


I love Cory Hale! He is the amazing photographer that took all of the pictures that are good quality on this page! He is so talented, however, I do feel sorry for him that I never quit talking long enough to get a good picture of my face! haha

Please excuse my facial expressions. Apparently I'm a very expressive communicator.