Cool Watch: Unique Twist On A Timeless Accessory

Cool Watch: Unique Twist On A Timeless Accessory

Call me practical but I love when I can find an accessory that I can wear both with casual and "black tie" wear. Watches can be tricky because metal is beautiful and easy to dress up but can be difficult to dress down; and sports watches usually are made of rubber or fabric that is difficult to wear to formal events. So when I saw JORD wooden watches I was drawn to them for a couple of reasons. Number one, they are made of wood which is unique pretty much goes with EVERYTHING!  

Side note: When Brett and I were choosing paint colors for our house he said, "Are you sure that color will go with our wood floors?" And I said, "It's WOOD it goes with everything!" 

Second, they have a sleek and minimalist look which again is great for casual or formal but they aren't too minimalist which, in my opinion, can sometimes look cheap. 


My husband appreciates fashion but he doesn't want to spend a lot of time on "extras" to an outfit. If I ever asked him to accessorize he would for sure be out! However, getting him to wear a nice watch is easy because it's an accessory that is also practical and necessary in his day. 


I never know what to get Brett for special occasions! He loves technology (it's what he does for a living) but every time I try to get him something technology related he'll say something like, "That's cool, but they're about to release the next version of that in about 6 months."  haha Since that's his area of expertise I try to steer clear. However, fashion is my area so I decided to get him this beautiful JORD wooden watch for his Valentine's Day gift! The watch looks sophisticated and it looks great with his "business casual" style. I chose the walnut wood because I thought it was pretty :)  but also I know Brett usually likes dark watch bands. They have other men's options as well here.

I decided not to get Brett's watch engraved but they do offer that as well if you want to personalize your watch or gift! 

JORD watch-2.jpg

Even though he's dressed up 5 days a week our weekends can be pretty crazy and time is definitely valuable! I wanted to make sure the style was one he could wear at the soccer fields running from game to game, especially when games are back to back and time is of the essence. But also a watch that was durable enough for when he wrestles "batman." #dadlife


He left for a two week trip so I gave him his Valentine's Day gift early! He loved it! #winning

They say love is in the details and I agree. You will know a company pays attention to the details of their product when they pay attention to the details in their packaging. JORD's packaging impressed me! The watch came in a beautiful wooden box for storage, as well as a towel and cleaner to keep it looking beautiful! AND, the wooden watch box has a drawer in it for your  wedding ring or loose change. (or whatever you want)

(FYI: for some reason the sun and the pool made the watch face look blue but it's actually black as shown in the previous pics)

GUESS WHAT! You have a chance to win $100 gift code to use on JORD's site to get your very own watch! Enter the giveaway here!!!They have men's and women's watch so you can get something for yourself OR your Valentine! Or, if your Valentine forgot to get you something, you can get something for yourself FROM your Valentine! Also, if you don't win the $100 you still get a code for 10% off!! Either way you win!! Good luck!!