Your Never Fully Dressed Without...White Teeth

Your Never Fully Dressed Without...White Teeth

In a world flooded with hundreds of companies that seem do offer similar products one of the main things that makes a company stand out, in my opinion, is customer service. If a company has great customer service they will create a loyal customer in me. I appreciate a company that appreciates their clients. From the moment I began working with Smile Brilliant I have experienced nothing but amazing customer service. They have been available to answer any questions or concerns that I have. I would send an email with an “issue” I needed addressed and they were quick to respond. They have dental hygienists on staff to answer an issue with your teeth that my come up as well. I know that there are a few different companies that offer teeth whitening products but I would be willing to say that you will not find customer service like you will get from Smile Brilliant.


Thankfully this whole process was so easy and really they have thought of everything for you. When you begin the process you receive a package with everything to make your molds at home. I’ll be honest, when I first looked in the box I was a little intimidated. I was like, “I don’t know how to make molds!” haha but it’s so easy. You start by just mix two different putties together. Once you have your putty you put it in the tray they provide and bite down. ( the box includes instructions which are more descriptive than what I’m giving) It takes about three minutes per mold. Once the molds are made, you place them in a package they provide with a return label already provided by them!

Usually it takes a couple of weeks to process your impressions and make them. You will receive them in the mail. I love them because they aren’t hard plastic molds they are rubbery and squishy. They don’t hurt at all to wear! You will receive some whitening gel that goes in the trays as well as some desensitizing gel incase you have sensitivity to the whitening product. Thankfully I didn’t have much sensitivity to the whitening product. I’ve done Crest whitening strips and my teeth always hurt so bad after, but with this they didn’t. I will say that on occasion I put too much gel in the tray and I could taste the product or it would hurt my gums and I didn’t love the way it tasted. It’s crazy to me because you seriously do not need hardly any product.

I will say that I felt overall it seemed like a slow process to see results but I was not great at being as consistent as they recommend to see quicker results.I also think that it probably felt slower because it was good for my teeth. My dentist has told me that Crest whitening strips are terrible for your teeth. I can definitely see a difference in my teeth since I started, and I am going to continue to use the product! All in all, I enjoyed my experience and would recommend using Smile Brilliant to whiten your teeth. Guess what! I’m actually doing a giveaway where you can win your own Smile Brilliant kit! Click on this link to enter to win!

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